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Nuova vaccino che sfrutta la tecnica della Rna interference in sperimentazione sui topi ha dato risultati positivi.
In pratica il vaccino e' composto da due filamenti di siRna programmati per entrare nelle cellule infette dal virus e bloccare cosi' l'espressione di due geni dell'hiv fondamentali per la sua sopravvivenza (uno per la sua replicazione e uno per la produzione di una proteina del capside).

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Published online 19 January 2011 | Nature | doi:10.1038/news.2011.30
Double whammy for HIV

RNA dynamic duo curbs infection in mice.

Cassandra Willyard

An RNA chimaera has been shown to curb HIV infection in Mariya Bibikova / iStockphoto
mice.Mariya Bibikova / iStockphoto

An RNA molecule engineered to attack HIV in two different ways is showing positive results, according to a study in Science Translational Medicine1. The researchers say that the molecule, which both curbs viral replication inside infected cells and neutralizes free-floating virus, could help patients who have developed resistance to HIV drugs.

The molecule, known as a chimaera, is composed of two different types of RNA: a small interfering RNA (siRNA), designed to enter infected cells and block the expression of two genes that HIV needs to replicate, and an RNA sequence known as an aptamer, which binds tightly to gp120, a protein found on the surface of HIV and HIV-infected cells. The aptamer has a dual role: it ferries the siRNA into infected cells and it neutralizes free-floating virus in the blood.

John Rossi, a molecular biologist at the Beckman Research Institute of the City of Hope in Duarte, California, a lead author on the paper, describes the molecule as a smart bomb. "You're only targeting what has to be targeted," he says.

The chimaera is not new2, but this is the first time it has been tested in animals. To test the chimaera, the team used mice engineered to be susceptible to HIV. When the researchers injected mice with either the chimaera or the aptamer alone, the amount of virus circulating in the animals' blood fell markedly. The chimaera, however, was more potent and suppressed the virus for a week longer than just the aptamer.

Rossi says that the molecule could be used as a stand-alone therapy, or in combination with other drugs that treat HIV. Because the antiviral effect of the chimaera lasts only about a week, patients would need to have regular injections.
Not pulling its weight

"This molecule, this design, is beautiful," says Ben Berkhout, a retrovirologist at the University of Amsterdam. But he is not entirely convinced that the siRNA has much of an impact. "They do see quite dramatic inhibition" of HIV, he says. But most of that inhibition seems to be due to the aptamer, not the siRNA. "I haven't seen the double action of this combination," he says.


The researchers found the siRNA in white blood cells known as lymphocytes of mice treated with the chimaera, indicating that the molecule can get where it needs to be. And when they measured the expression of the two genes targeted by the siRNA — tat and rev — in those same cells, they found a 75–90% reduction in expression after treatment. They also saw that the siRNA was cleaving the tat and rev genes in the right spots, an indication that the molecule worked the way it was supposed to.

But Phillip Sharp, a molecular biologist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, says that although the study shows some siRNA activity in the lymphocytes of the mice, it "doesn't show that most of the lymphocytes have siRNA activity. The question is how effectively is the siRNA internalized and utilized."

Because the chimaera doesn't kill infected cells, it won't cure HIV. The next step, says Rossi, is to use a chimaera to deliver siRNAs that can kill infected cells. "What you want to do is start purging the infected cell population," he says.
Neff, C. et al. Sci. Transl. Med. 3, 66ra6 (2011).
Zhou, J. et al. Nucleic Acids Res. 37, 3094-3109 (2009).

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is being proven by the more than 400 individuals who have taken a dose of 60 ml three times daily for 21 days. The result is that AMBUSH 'KILLS' the virus by causing the protein envelope to rupture and the viral particles are discarded by the white blood cells. AMBUSH is able to 'KILL' the virus that are 'hiding' in the lymph system by its 'natural radioactive' properties. This process allows the body to 'return to normal health' with a corresponding immunity to that or those strains of the virus.

What is AMBUSH ?
AMBUSH is a radioactive isotope of uranium that is found in the 'palm' plant of which there are more than 3000 species. When ingested, AMBUSH causes the body temperature in the trunk area to rise to about 102 degrees when the individual is sleeping. The preparation takes four hours per batch, which is then given to the individuals for consumption 60 ml three times daily for 21 days. AMBUSH is a herbal preparation in this form but it contains an active ingredient which is a 'NEW' crystalline substance, a drug from the 'palm plant' similarly to ASPIRIN originating from the willow tree bark

After 21 days on AMBUSH, ALL the individuals experienced a decrease in viral load to undetectable, an increase in cd4, increase in RBC, an improvement in general health such as more color to the face, decrease in Buffalo hump, an increase in gluteal muscles, a decrease to having no joint pains whereby individuals can bend to touch their toes, and walk up steps are but a few examples. There is also a dramatic increase in their sexual appetite beginning after the first week of therapy

In any plant concoction such as percolated 'tea', there are 30-40,000 compounds, whi ch would take the scientific community twenty years to isolate one particular ingredient if they knew what they were looking for. The LORD GOD has given me seven steps to isolate the active ingredient, which is soft and metallic in nature and has a carbon- uranium-sulfur-(classified)-phentolamine configuration or structure. This is similar to Federick Kekule and the discovery of the benzene ring where he dreamt the structure.

As an antiviral and 'natural radioactivity' producing agent, AMBUSH is also effective against leukemia, lupus and HPV. Here I am saying that I have 'GIVEN' AMBUSH in the same 'strength' and dosage to patients with leukemia, lupus and HPV. A 35 year old male with HIV found it difficult to impossible to urinate was put on 'green tea' and water while the doctors contemplated prostrate surgery. One of the doctors gave him my number , I sent him a supply of AMBUSH an d he has not been given any more ARV's, since taking AMBUSH 18 months ago, is in 'good' health and has expressed a willingness to be examined by HIV investigators like many others who have taken AMBUSH.

I have sent this 'IDEA' to most HIV research agencies, scientist of the field, universities, hospitals, clinics, politicians and news agencies to which it is REJECTED because the name of THE LORD GOD is mentioned. He has steered me scientifically through the processes such as which plant and how to produce the active ingredient. What are the odds of a Florida Pharmacist picking a plant would contain the CURE for HIV/AIDS ?
I have never charged any of the people for their supply of AMBUSH but a life saving has been spent on the project with NO renumeration from any sources because AMBUSH falls outside the walls of modern medicine and research.


My proposal is that I PROVE that AMBUSH CURES HIV/AIDS by giving it to a number of END-STAGE or DRUG-RESISTANT people and the scientific community watches their recovery. This proposal addresses the problem in that I have already outlaid the results to be obtained.

This IDEA is unconventional in that the scientific community has rejected AMBUSH because I say it is GOD given. Secondly if I wrote it according to certain standards, then it might be peer reviewed. However, THE LORD GOD has also shown me that there are five enzyme systems associated with the virus, reverse transcriptase, protease, fusion and two more of which causes the virus to be AIRBOURNE. This means that without DIVINE intervention mankind and ALL warm- blooded mammals will be extinct in a number of years.

The PROOF of what I am saying is found in scientific papers wherein it is found that when the protease cuts the viral strands, it cuts it at DIFFERENT lengths EVERY time, to which it should always be a valine at the end but is a different amino acid every time. This is why it is IMPOSSIBLE to produce a VACCINE.

Since this is NOT a hypothesis but there are about 400 individuals who have taken AMBUSH, here lies a vast area in which to check, recheck and confirm that AMBUSH CURES AIDS. Let it be mentioned that during the HIV reproductive cycle, reverse transcriptase converts viral RNA into DNA compatible to human genetic materials. Thus the human DNA has been 'hijacked' and since each person has a DIFFERENT DNA, then the new viral copy is unique to that person which shows that each individual has a DIFFERENT STRAIN of the virus. Consider two HIV positive people swapping viral strains and increasing its complexity with multiple partners.
It can also be proposed that they be revisited as proof that the strain or strains that they had were 'killed' at the time of taking AMBUSH considering that a person can catch as many different strains as there are people who are infected by HIV.
I am also willing to work with the scientific community in identifying those individuals who took AMBUSH and wish to be identified with this process notwithstanding that some are stigmatized while others are jubilant,

Once AMBUSH is verified as being able to accomplish that which is aforementioned then the next stage might be the natural and artificial synthesis of the substance.

Finally, if this is accepted or not, believed or not, THE LORD GOD always wins and this is the heavenly truth to which AMBUSH was divinely given to mankind for the CURE of HIV/AIDS and it will be here forever.

The WORLD is therefore COMPELLED to listen......sooner or later....your choice !!!!!

Apostle Shada Mishe.

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Here is a video taped presentation that I gave at t he Martin Luther King library in Washington

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2011-01-19 03:19:42 PM
Posted by: apostle mishe
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